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KanchiLUG: php workshop

February 1, 2011

I participated the two days php workshop (29&30.01.10) in KanchiLUG  at the venue of Shri Sakthi ITI


Mr.Shrinivasan explained the web concepts and what is apache? ,how it runs?

he taught php , at first he started in variables, datatypes,control statements with the simple examples.

afternoon dhastha taught while, for , foreach and he gave a task multiplication table

end of the first day Mr.shrini gave a small introduction about session, cookie


In this day Mr. Kumarasen and Mr.Dhivanayagam    are continue the workshop to us.

They explained the MVC  and framework concepts after he taught the class, methods and objects.

and DataBase connectivity, Normalizations with the tasks.

Then they share a real experiences.

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