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Rails Overview

January 8, 2011

Mr. Thyagu explained the web concepts how internet is working? client and server workings and communications of request and response.

and he taught DNS,  TCP,  IP and more in WWW.

we wrote a simple PHP code. it was just getting name and address of student to store the database in php way.

after sir taught how to integrate the PHP code in rails.

he explain the advantages of using rails framework and he taught some hacking tips, these hackings it not possible in rails websites.

I learned scaffold. In this command is create the model, views , controller and effective functionalities.

MVC (Model, View, Controller) is a main part of building a website. if you modify all codes in this part.

Important Files and Folders

File/Folder Purpose
config\database.yml This file is a YAML (stands for – YAML Ain’t a Markup Language) file. It contains details about your DBMS provider and the authentication details for your DBMS.

This is a ruby file. It allows you to configure how HTTP requests will be routed.



Contains controller files. Controllers are ruby files.


Contains helper files. Helper files are ruby files which are used to define logic which doesn’t belong in the model but is too long-winded to be embeded in the view.


Contains model files. Model files are ruby files. They inherit most of there functionality from ActiveRecord but you can also build upon this functionality by writing your own methods.


Contains a sub folder for each controller file that exists. For instance, if there is a controller called “posts_contoller.rb” there will be a view sub-folder called “posts”.


Contains any image files that belong to your website.


Contains any javascript files that are used by your website.


Contains any CSS files that belong to your website.


Contains “migration” files, used to migrate a database from one state to another  (more on this later)

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