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My Proposal in PyCon India 2010

August 24, 2010

PyCon India 2010 is the primary Python conference in India.The conference will take place on 25th and 26th, September 2010.

I had approach to give a speech about  as

Creating installation files for our Python Programs and Source tar ball


In this talk to focus on creating installation file(.deb) for our python program and any source tarball (*.tar.gz)

There are two popular packaging tools that will help you build your Debian package, CDBS and debhelper. Packaging using one of these tools is significantly different from packing with the other.

In first, we will package a software using CDBS. The second part uses debhelper7 to package python-markdown.

It is possible to double click to install our python program where ever you want the application menu.

finally i using the alien package to convert .deb to .rpm

  1. What is installation files
  2. how to create *.deb of our python program and source tarball(tar.gz)
  3. Explain CDBS way
  4. debhelper way
Selection progress has completed and they announced the result
In this year I am not selected in PyCon India 2010. Next year I will be definitely selected and prove myself
I will go to participate in this PyCon India 2010.
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